Jean-Luc Leguay
Illuminations explained to you

Jean-Luc Leguay travels in Europe and in America to lecture and to show his work. An acclaimed lecturer and a fabulous story teller, he brings his illustrations to life with great details.

His knowledge of the sacred texts is extensive and he transforms his lectures into magical opportunities to be see the Light and to be in touch with the Divine.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have him as a guest lecturer.



Jean-Luc Leguay’s illuminations are shown in galleries and during his lectures both in Europe and in the United States.

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Jean-Luc Leguay, alias Heraclius
Jean-Luc Leguay
Retreats and Workshops

Illuminations are so unique and Jean-Luc Leguay talents are so exceptional that people relish the time they can spend with him on a retreat or in a weekend workshop.

The sacred context of the illuminations fosters times of interiority and insight. These are unique opportunities to find your Light and become illuminated.