Jean-Luc Leguay Master Illuminator

Who is Jean-Luc Leguay?

Jean-Luc Leguay, alias Heraclius, is a world -renowned Master Illuminator and is one of the very few illuminators since the 8th century still alive to have been taught as an individual disciple to a Master as opposed to collective training in a School of Art. Heraclius remains the sole heir to the Italian tradition.

Jean-Luc Leguay’s initiation into the art of illumination began in 1980 under the tutelage of a Franciscan hermit in Southern Italy.  He decided to give up his career as a choreographer to follow the path of the traditional Master Illuminators. He received the teaching of his Master of Light whilst enforcing rigorous self-discipline and menial tasks upon himself. Once accepted as an Illuminator, he was given the name of Heraclius. This name chosen by his Master testifies to his authentic descent.

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